Mustela And Me AppFebruary 2017

New Mustela & Me application: for feeling good during pregnancy


Are you pregnant or have you just had a baby? The new Mustela & Me application is available for free and is exactly what you need! Mustela & Me is the result of all of Mustela’s expertise and has been developed with help from healthcare professionals. It is brimming with tips, advice and special features to help you enjoy your pregnancy with complete peace of mind.


When you are pregnant or if you are a new mother, you always have a thousand questions running through your head… When will the morning sickness stop? What can I do to stop stretchmarks? Can I eat cooked meats or smoked salmon? What will giving birth be like? How can I manage life with my partner once the baby has arrived?

To help you answer all these questions and many others, Mustela has designed “Mustela & Me", a new clever and practical app that will help you throughout all the stages of your pregnancy and during your baby's first two years. Every week throughout your pregnancy, and then once a month during the first year of your baby's life, you'll find new tips that will help you with the various situations that you encounter. A complete mine of information from the very best experts (dermatologists, midwives, nutritionists, etc.) that you can consult on a daily basis for reassurance and explanations.

But that's not all! Mustela & Me is also brimming with a number of well-designed features, including a diary where you can note down all your appointments to do with your pregnancy, weight curves for you and your baby, a notepad and a photo album where you can keep your fondest memories or share them on Facebook, and numerous ideas for activities to help awaken and stimulate your baby's senses depending on what age they are, up until two years old. And if you have any concerns about a particular foodstuff, a medicine or doing a particular activity during your pregnancy, Mustela & Me can provide you with the answers you need. In just a few clicks, you can view a list of all of the activities you should avoid during your pregnancy (and all of the ones that you can do!).

With even more information and even more relevant to you than our previous Baby Coach app (which more than 140,000 mothers downloaded), Mustela & Me is the essential app for experiencing pregnancy with complete peace of mind: feel good in yourself, good with your baby and good in your relationship. Download it for free and start enjoying it right now!


Available for iPhone and Android.

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