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Mustela cares

Because taking care of infants also means protecting their living environment, Mustela® makes every effort to minimize the impact of its products on Humans and their Environment


sustainable plant supply chains

Our responsible supply chains aim to control the traceability of our plant-based active ingredients as efficiently as possible, in partnership with all the key players in the sector (farmers, local authorities, agronomists, etc.), from cultivation or picking to their processing and incorporation into our products.

Our approach is under the control of UEBT (2) (Union for Ethical Bio-commerce), which evaluates the ethical practices of sourcing our plant-based ingredients.


(1) Expanscience has deployed its CSR policy on 100% of its plant supply chains dedicated to its cosmetic ingredients (more info on Expanscience.com/commitments
(2) Expanscience membre UEBT.


of our products are eco-designed

  • 100% of Mustela® bottles and boxes are recyclable(3)
  • 100% of our washing formulas are biodegradable (according to the OECD 302B method)
  • lightweight packaging that only contains the right amount of material needed: with a reduction of 120 metric tons of plastic on our bottles and 65 metric tons of cardboard on the Mustela® ranges since 2010
  • 100% of boxes made from cardboard from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% of Mustela baby child boxes printed with inks made from vegetable oils 

(3) According to the sorting criteria of the French market


green electricity from renewable energy sources

  • A manufacturing site located in France, in Epernon (Eure et Loir) and ISO 14001 certified
  • which is part of an ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption (-23% for electricity, -30% for gas and -33% for water) (4)
  • which, since 2018, has been buying 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources (wind, hydro, etc.).

(4) 2017 result for 100 units produced compared to 2010

Natural Formulas

Mustela prioritizes naturally-derived ingredients in its formulas. Our safe and clean products are gentle on the skin and cleansing formula are specifically designed to be biodegradable and gentle on the planet.

Eco-friendly packaging

Mustela’s eco-designed products are developed with the environment in mind. 100% of our bottles are recyclable, all cartons are sourced from sustainably managed forests and our Mustela baby child boxes are printed with vegetable oil-based inks.

Sustainable sourcing

Mustela uses sustainably and ethically sourced active ingredients from around the world. We are also proud to partner with suppliers that respect the environment, biodiversity and local communities for our hero active ingredient: avocado perseose.

B Corp certified

Mustela has been certified as a B Corporation for meeting the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

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Mustela uses sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients
Avocado perseose