Extremely dry skin

Stelatopia Cleansing oil

Stelatopia Cleansing oil for extremely dry skin is fragrance-free. It gently cleanses and replenishes baby and newborns' skin* while soothing sensations of irritation and tightness. It leaves a long-lasting protective film on baby's skin.
Its formula contains 98% of natural origin ingredients, including  sunflower oil Distillate, selected for its soothing properties.

*Babies out of NICU

Pump-dispenser bottle 500ml


  • 98% ingredients of natural origin
    98% ingredients of natural origin
  • Ingredient safety policy
    Ingredient safety policy
  • Dermatologist tested
    Dermatologist tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Fabriqué en France
    Made in France
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable bottle
    Recyclable bottle
  • Approval by a local eczema association
    Approval by a local eczema association
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Good for the skin & the planet

When it comes to washing your child with extremely dry skin, your priority is to avoid any skin stress. Our Cleansing oil is specially designed to soothe and take extra care of your little one's fragile skin.

Its oily texture cleanses gently and envelops baby's skin in a protective film, preventing from the drying effect of hard water.

Our oil's creamy foam rinses off in no time and dissolves easily in bath water where it also becomes bath oil: a dual purpose product!

Its key active ingredient comes from powerful organic sunflower seeds (origin France). And this product is manufactured in our Epernon facility in France.

Product safety & effectiveness

For guaranteed safety from birth, our Stelatopia skin care products are developed in cooperation with health professionals and are tested on extremely dry skin.
Each product must pass a minimum of 450 tests and measures.


of parents find that their children's skin is soothed.(2)


of parents agree that the oil has an effective relipiding effect on their child's extremely dry skin.(1)

Clinically proven effectiveness:

  • Gently cleans the skin: 95%(1)
  • Soothes the sensations of skin discomfort and tightness: 89%(2)
  • Compensates for the drying effect of hard water: 77%(1)
  • After use, the skin is more supple, smooth and comfortable: 83%(1)

(1) Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 61 babies during 22 days (self-assessment).
(2) Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 49 babies with extremely dry skin during 22 days (self-assessment).

Baby – Child Mustela: baby smiling
Baby – Child Mustela: baby applying Mustela hydrating cream

Our handy pump bottle delivers the exact right amount of oil (no waste!). This Stelatopia product canbe used on body and hair.

Step 1
Press the pump (just once!) to collect the right amount of oil in your hand.

Step 2
Pour directly into the bath tub or apply directly on baby's wet skin.

Step 3
Gently wash baby's body and scalp by massaging slightly. 

Step 4
Rinse. And then dry baby super gently: try to "dab dry" with a clean cotton towel (as opposed to rubbing, which should be avoided in case of extremely dry skin).

Key ingredients

Our key active ingredient in our Stelatopia range is sunflower oil Distillate.
This ingredient was especially selected for extremely dry skin because it activates the skin's replenishment process and has long-proven soothing properties.
We use French organically farmed sunflower seeds, from which we extract the most fattly acid part of the oil. We do this in our own production facility, located in the Eur-et-Loire region in France.

To strengthen its hydrating power, our formula has been combined with avocado Peresose®, shea butter and natural origin glycerine. 

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Contains 98% of natural origin ingredients.
The remaining 2% represents ingredients which have been selected for their high-tolerance properties and allow for a long term protection of the formula.


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