Ladies and gentlemen, these are our star ingredients:

We have chosen the most effective natural ingredients to support children in developing strong and healthy skin. 



Sourced from responsible supply chains and a circular economy, we use organic avocados from which we extract avocado Perseose®, an active ingredient which strengthens the skin barrier and protects the cellular capital of your baby’s immature skin. 



We extract sunflower oil Distillate from the seeds of French organic sunflowers. This patented active ingredient with soothing properties helps to rebuild the skin’s protective layer.



Sourced from organic beekeeping, we combine our precious beeswax with Cold Cream to deeply nourish your baby’s skin while also preserving its protective barrier.



Our schisandra berries are hand-picked in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. Recognized for its skin-soothing and anti-redness properties, schisandra can be found in our product range for very sensitive skin.  



Known for its many benefits, olive oil has been used since Antiquity by Mediterranean countries. Cold-extracted, our olive oil retains its high content in omega 6 and 9 to nourish the skin.


Maracuja (passion fruit)

Maracuja, present in our maternity range, improves skin elasticity and helps pregnant women preserve their skin’s suppleness. 

Our formulation charter


We choose to be NATURAL

We offer VEGAN formulas

Our approach is based on the EXCLUSION of GMOs and limiting the use of PESTICIDES

We GUARANTEE quality, safety and respect for the environment and human conditions

We source our active plant ingredients with respect for BIODIVERSITY and people


We exclude proven endocrine disruptors from our formulas

Our products are tested by an independent scientific laboratory specialized in endocrine disruptors

We ban a RED LIST of ingredients from our formulas, with restrictions that go beyond the European regulations, already known as one of the strictest and safest in the world. 


No secret recipe

No secret recipe

All of our cosmetic products are made from three families of ingredients. They combine effectiveness, tolerance and pleasure of use with complete safety, throughout their lifetime.
Our recipe?

  • Active ingredients extracted from the plant world, for product efficiency
  • One or more excipients, to create a pleasant texture and to ensure the proper diffusion of active ingredients
  • Other ingredients to complete our formulas: a conservation system to preserve them over time, pH stabilizers, or fragrances for some products, to offer more pleasure to the senses, etc.

A controlled process at every stage

In order to create formulas that combine quality, safety and effectiveness, these parameters need to be checked at every stage of our product’s development. To do so, we perform over 450 measures and tests with an independent toxicologist.

450 measures and tests

Each product must pass 450 measures and tests

All these measures and tests include stability tests under normal and extreme conditions, product safety tests (evaluation of antimicrobial protection), in vitro safety tests on reconstructed skin models and in vivo clinical tests under dermatological control.
Each product must pass all of these tests before it is marketed.

Independent toxicologist

An independent toxicologist present at all stages

To guarantee the safety of our products, we call an independent toxicologist in (i.e. someone who is not employed by our laboratories).
His mission? He intervenes at all key stages of our product development:

  • He evaluates and participates in the approval of each ingredient
  • He validates the formula and checks its safety for babies and pregnant women
  • He checks and commits to the safety of the finished product before it is marketed

No product is marketed without this expert’s validation, at each of the above stages.


Monitoring of quality and safety

Monitoring of quality and safety on the finished product

Lorsque le produit est commercialisé, nous suivons attentivement la vie du produit – ainsi nous traitons avec la plus grande vigilance toute réclamation et effet indésirable dans le We carefully monitor the life of the product once it is on the market. We handle all complaints and adverse effects with utmost care and attention, as part of our quality and cosmetovigilance process.cadre de notre processus qualité et cosmétovigilance.

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