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Preparing Your Child's Skin for Quebec's Changing Climate

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Explore our complete guide to baby and kid's skincare for every season in Quebec. Shield your little one’s gentle skin with Mustela's trusted products.

How to Brave Quebec’s Seasons: Skin Care Tips for Every Season, Especially Winter

Ah, the Belle Province and its ever-changing seasons! Navigating them requires flexibility, but also careful attention to skincare, especially during the winter months when weather can truly be harsh on the skin. From a freezing winter tide to the most stifling summers, being well-prepared is key. Quebec's cold season can be like a two-headed creature: milder than in other parts of the world, yet still totally capable of wreaking havoc on our skin, particularly that of our children.

As parents, adapting to these weather variations demands constant adjustments. Dealing with dry winter air or hot, sometimes humid summers can pose a challenge when it comes to finding the right products to pamper the skin of our babies and children.

At Mustela, we’re dedicated to offering a diverse and inclusive range of skincare products, perfect for all seasons and skin types, meeting their specific needs with care.

Demystifying Children’s Dry Skin

During colder months, dry skin becomes an issue for everyone, especially with sometimes unforgiving weather conditions. Factors such as low humidity, harsh winds, and frequent baths can all lead to skin dryness in young children. Based on data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information1, skin diseases affect 70.24% of children aged 0 to 5 years, highlighting it as a common concern for many families.

Scientifically, dry skin, also known as xerosis cutis, arises from a decrease in the water content of the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis). This decrease can be caused by various factors, including an impaired skin barrier, excessive loss of protective lipids, or decreased production of sebum, the skin's natural oil. As a result, babies' skin becomes rough, tight, and prone to cracks, itching, and irritation. Therefore, when children experience dry skin, it exacerbates their vulnerability to various skin issues, emphasizing the importance of proper skincare and protection.

Hence, it is crucial to recognize the early signs of dry skin, like rough or scaly patches, frequent itching, and redness. By identifying these signs early, parents can promptly take steps to protect and moisturize their baby's skin, using suitable products and adopting proper hydration practices.

Selecting the Ideal Skincare Products

Choosing suitable skin care for your baby's skin is paramount. Not only does it ensure their comfort, but it also provides peace of mind for us as parents, knowing that their skin is well-hydrated. Opting for products that perfectly match their skin type helps maintain their balance and vitality, preparing them to face all seasons.

To meet this need, at Mustela, we’ve created products made from natural ingredients and gentle formulas. We aim to make skincare for our little ones effortless for all parents.

We’ve specifically developed the Cold Cream range with beeswax, designed for very dry areas. Our researchers have carefully crafted these products for daily use, suitable for babies from birth onwards and older children alike.

We invite you to explore our special Cold Cream range, developed with beeswax, for your child’s skincare unique needs.

Additional Tips for Protecting Your Child's Skin

Here are some extra tips to assist you in maintaining your baby's skin health and hydration, regardless of the weather:

1. Dress your children in soft, breathable clothing, preferably made from natural fibers that can be easily layered during winter.

For more information, read our article What should be worn with an extremely dry skin?

2. Before heading outdoors, shield exposed areas of the body (such as nose, cheeks, chin, and hands) with a protective and nourishing care product like our Cold Cream nourishing stick.

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to outdoor elements like cold and wind, which can worsen baby skin dryness. As for the sun, we’re all aware of the risks it poses to the skin and the importance of year-round protection. Therefore, opt for child-friendly formulas, derived from plant-based ingredients and clinically proven to be gentle on the skin.

4. Regulate the temperature in your children's room to prevent it from being too high. During winter, dry air from heaters can exacerbate skin dryness, so using a humidifier can provide relief.

5. Opt for lukewarm baths, which are more comfortable for children with itchy skin.

Ultimately, maintaining proper hydration is key. Encourage regular water intake to help preserve your child's delicate skin.

Optimize Your Daily Skincare Routine

As we have seen, preparing your child's skin for Quebec's ever-changing climate is crucial for their comfort and skin health year-round. Whether braving the harsh winter or enduring the heat of summer, proper care plays a vital role in safeguarding and moisturizing our babies' skin.

By incorporating products specifically formulated for their delicate skin, like our Cold Cream range with beeswax, you’re offering optimal protection against skin dryness and irritation. Combine this daily regimen with appropriate clothing choices and regular hydration for a winning formula to keep your child's skin soft, supple, and hydrated, no matter the weather.

For more tips and information on caring for toddlers and older children’s skin, explore our additional articles on the Mustela Canada website. Together, we can enjoy every season with peace of mind, knowing that we are providing the best care for our children.





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