Five tips for rekindling your love life after baby

Your little one is now here and adored by both of you. You are now fulfilled parents. But what about your love life? Don’t worry. A little patience and sometimes a few tips is all that’s needed to rekindle the flame!

Your little one is now here and adored by both of you.

You are now fulfilled parents. But what about your love life? Don’t worry. A little patience and sometimes a few tips is all that’s needed to rekindle the flame!

1/ Give yourself a little time All couples experience the birth of a baby as an immense joy and a total upheaval in their life as a couple. You are tired, you don’t feel desire for your beloved? This is completely normal. Your body has just undergone major hormonal disruption and you are overwhelmed by your role as a new mother. And bear in mind that, to some extent, your companion will also be suffering from the nights that your baby does not yet sleep through! Even though some couples renew their sex lives only a matter of days after the birth, most wait six to 12 weeks. According to the specialists, there is no cause for concern provided the absence of sexuality does not last for longer than six months. Without necessarily getting close to that date, first, take time to rest, pamper yourself and organize your lives as new parents. After which your relationship as a couple will return, never fear!

2/ As soon as possible, go out together As you well know, routine is not the best way to spice up life as a couple. Once you have established the new pace of life with your baby and taken stock, get quickly off the beaten tracks! If your parents or friends offer to look after your little one so that you can have an evening out or even a weekend away just the two of you, do not hesitate, say yes. And if nobody suggests this of their own accord, ask them. Meet just the two of you in a tapas bar, go for a sail or plan a secret meeting in a museum or an inn... it matters little, the important thing is that you regularly get away from the daily grind! Lightness and fantasy are essential for reviving and consolidating your relationship as a couple.

3/ Reawaken your senses The notion of “conjugal rights” does nothing for you? So much the better! Despite the tiredness and lack of time, after baby’s arrival is, in fact, still an excellent time to experiment with new territories of amorous games. You are a couple of happy new parents, you feel good about yourself again as a new mother, your tiny tot needs you a little less often at night... take advantage of this happiness to create surprise and reawaken your senses! A simple but elegant impromptu dinner (without waiting for Saturday evening) is often a prelude to a passionate reunion... A softly lit setting that caresses the body immediately awakens desire just like a massage with perfumed oil has no equal for embracing the voluptuousness of the senses of touch and smell... Each couple will discover what works for their own sensuality.

4/ Distance makes the heart grow fonder Before the arrival of the baby, did you not both have your sports or artistic activities or a few friends who you tended to see on your own? Do not give up either of these little escapes. Not only are they necessary for your balance but just a few hours away like this can only dramatically increase the pleasure of finding each other again as a couple. Of course, the key is to ensure that there is some planning to the frequency of your outings alone and away from the family nest and that there is time for both of you to go out.

5/ Reinvent your family rituals Of course you are both grateful to your respective parents for being there, for helping out, for always being ready to look after your little one. But do not force yourself to attend the long Sunday lunch each weekend, preventing you from sleeping in together like you did before. Worried about hurting your parents’ feelings? Don’t forget that they too were once a young couple... and are therefore perfectly capable of understanding your desires however little you express them. You feel really bad about it? Suggest replacing some Sunday lunchtimes with a tea-time around 5pm or pre-dinner apéritif.

The family will always be together but the routine a bit upside down for the greater enjoyment of all!