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Goodbye itching, hello soft skin!

A classic symptom of pregnancy, itchy skin requires special care and a carefully thought-out routine. The watchwords: moisturizing and softness!

A classic symptom of pregnancy, itchy skin requires special care and a carefully thought-out routine.

The watchwords: moisturizing and softness! It’s no surprise you feel itchy As soon as you become pregnant, hormonal changes lead to skin dehydration, making your skin feel tight, rough, and itchy.

Those with naturally dry skin feel this discomfort even more intensely.

In addition to your new chemical balance, your micro circulation slows over the months, leaving skin more irritable just at a time when baby’s growth is putting its elasticity to the test.

And indeed, your belly is the site of the worst itching, right where most stretch marks appear. If itching spreads to other parts of your body despite a thorough moisturizing routine, talk to your doctor, since in rare cases this can indicate a liver problem.

The 4 key steps to soothed skin It’s hard not to scratch when you’re so itchy... But resist you must to avoid opening the door to bacteria and allergens.

Keeping your nails short and using only the pads of your fingers or the palms of your hands to scratch is not as bad, but does nothing to resolve the problem. The real solution involves adopting an appropriate daily skincare routine, which will be just as important after you give birth, since the symptoms disappear only gradually.

1/ Take warm showers Too-hot water tends to aggravate skin that lacks a protective lipid film, especially if it is hard water. The same precaution applies if you take baths; make sure to add nourishing oil to the water, as well.

2/ Opt for a specialized shower gel Not all cleansers are formulated to care for the delicate skin of future mothers. Some even have a tendency to “scour” the skin. This makes it very important to choose a specialized, gentle, soap-free formula, and skip the scrubs for now.

3/ Dry off gently Toweling off vigorously will only make your already super-sensitive skin more irritated. Rather than a traditional terry-cloth towel, pat your skin off gently with a microfiber towel, which will effectively absorb both water and hard water deposits. Also make sure to thoroughly dry the folds of your skin (armpits, groin, folds around your breasts), which are even more sensitive to irritation.

4/ Moisturize and nourish generously Skin needs daily nourishment. That way, the regenerated skin barrier can better withstand harsh external factors; it becomes less sensitive and more comfortable again. Moisturizing creams and lotions are especially important to soothe dry and itchy skin!

Again, choose products specially designed for pregnancy to ensure that they are effective and harmless, and take the time to work in the nourishing ingredients. It’s also a good idea to mix in anti-stretch marks products; they boost the collagen fibers and soften the skin, which also helps to relieve itching.

Finally, avoid wearing synthetic fibers, which are particularly irritating to the skin, and opt instead for cotton or linen.