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Nine essential items

From the fourth month onwards is the time to invest in “real” maternity wear. It’s true, you will not be wearing these clothes for a long time, but you will wearing them often! So follow the guide.

Fourth month is the time to invest in “real” maternity wear.

It’s true, you will not be wearing these clothes for a long time, but you will wearing them often!

So follow the guide. 1 pair of jeans + 1 pair of smart trousers

The right choice: Waist high or low with an adjustable elastic, go for adaptable ones.

When it comes to the cut, stay with the style that suits you: straight-legged (for everyone), boot cut to make small or rounder women look more svelte, ‘boyfriend’ for slim, twiggy shapes, ideal with a top or tunic.

Only avoid skinny cut as they are too tight. More fashion focused: note the return of dungarees - so cool - and the totally glam combi trouser. Choose a V neck in a soft fabric that is easy to slip on and off.

1 dress The right choice: a simple feminine dress. With soft fabric and a low neckline, it will show of your figure and adapt as the months go by. Neither too long (that would shorten your figure), ideally above or at the knee; or too wide (that would conceal your figure and makes you look bigger). In order not to have (or give) the impression you are always wearing the same dress, use accessories for variation: belts, shoes,hats, jewellery, everything is permitted! More fashion focused: wear it with wedge heels that will trim the silhouette without making you lose your balance.

2 tunics The right choice: neither too broad at the shoulders nor too short (to entirely cover the stomach), choose a pretty feminine one. Accessorize with a necklace, this will dress up jeans, a dress, etc. Check that it is machine washable and doesn’t need ironing Because you are going to be wearing it very often! More fashion-focused: now is the time to buy yourself a floral or geometric print, which are very in this season.

1 cardigan The right choice: a wrap is an essential must-have. Besides making the most of your neckline, it can be worn alone or over any little top and will adjust as the months pass. So in this season, long cardigans left open. Long, loose and made from fine knit, they hang well and sleeken the figure when worn over fitted clothes. More fashion focused: long sleeveless cardigan.

1 poncho The right choice: in a prettyknit,it is really the comfort garment that will be useful everywhere from in the car to summer soirées. It will also come in handy for wrapping your baby in. More fashion focused: to highlight its chic bohemian style, wear it over well fitting clothing and accessorize with a hat or long necklace.

1 bathing suit The right choice: whether you swim all year round or are planning a get-away to sunnier climes, a maternity bathing suit and lingerie is essential. As your bust will have increased one or two sizes, you need good support. To be more comfortable and hide the brown line that appears on your abdomen, go for one-piece or two-piece culotte and top costumes that can be adjusted to suit. More fashion-focused: try blue, green, mauve and prints, the stars of the season!

1 belt The right choice: a single jersey or adjustable material or leather band, it needs to be rounded to suit our new shapes. Comfortable and reassuring, it can be worn under the stomach to show it off or above, to create a pretty Empire line. More fashion focused: made from soft leather in a basic colour (beige, brown, navy, white, etc.), it will dress up any garment.

And also: Three or four basic tops (you will keep wearing them after the birth), tights, leggings, a pair of pyjamas and a camisole, not forgetting lingerie !