To develop the safest and most effective products for your baby, our researchers need to know the specific characteristics and needs of your baby’s skin. By reconstituting the epidermis of a baby and young child in our laboratories, our teams gain an in-depth knowledge of the skin, its cells and genes, to better understand its physiology and development. This is the world’s first patented epidermis of its kind and only Laboratoires Expanscience’s Mustela researchers are able to perform these experiments. We also use reconstituted epidermises to test the effectiveness and tolerance factor of our products with a high level of precision and reliability.

A formula is said to be biodegradable if after use, it can be decomposed (digested) naturally by living organisms (micro-organisms). Biodegradability is an important parameter for characterizing the environmental impact of products released in the wastewater. It depends in part on its ability to be degraded and on the other hand to its rate of digestion in the biological environment.Our washing formulas (washing gels and shampoos) are biodegradable according to the OECD 302B standard. This standardized international standard stipulates that at least 60% of the product is biodegraded in 28 days.

At every stage of development begnning with sourcing raw plant materials, product design and development, production, marketing and end of product life, we do everything possible to limit the impact on the environment. We have applied this strategy as part of our continuous improvement process for several years. For example, all Mustela bottles are recyclable, our cartons are made from paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and Mustela Bébé foam formulations are biodegradable.If you’d like to know more about our commitment to sustainable development, take a look at the Mustela product lifecycle.

Our responsible sourcing channels aim to best control the traceability of our plant-based active ingredients (avocado perseose, schizandra and sunflower oil distillate), as part of an approach involving a partnership with all players in the supply chain (farmers, local authorities, agronomists, etc.), from cultivation and picking to processing and incorporation into our products.Regarding, Avocado Perseose, the flagship ingredient of Mustela baby-children ranges, we source from 2 supply chains located in South Africa (our historical supply chain), and peru, a more recent supply chain that we are developing based on 3 essentials commitments : - Respect for the evironment and biodiversity - Respect for the local populations, - Creation of local economic value

The percentage of naturalness represents the proportion of ingredients of natural origin in our products.To learn more about our commitments to naturalness, go to the dedicated section on our website.

Our research has revealed that a baby’s skin contains a precious wealth of original cells at birth. Unique to every individual, these cells last a lifetime, but are extremely vulnerable. After this fundamental discovery, we selected Avocado perseose® to use in our new Mustela Bébé formulations because it meets the specific needs of a baby’s skin starting at birth and as it matures. It helps develop the skin’s barrier function and preserves its precious wealth of cells by acting as a protective shield against daily stress factors. Avocado perseose® is also part of a new generation of biomimetic active ingredients. Perfectly suited for the delicate skin of babies, it combines proven effectiveness with a high tolerance factor.Avocado perseose®’s effectiveness and high tolerance factor has been clinically tested and scientifically proven. Avocado perseose® is an exclusive and patented active ingredient and only Mustela products offer its unique benefits. To learn more about Avocado perseose, please check our special section.

An active ingredient is biomimetic if it complies with the principle of biomimetism, that is, it has an advanced capacity to resemble nature, and to mimic its structure or functioning mechanisms. More specifically in dermo-cosmetic terms, an ingredient is considered to be biomimetic if it naturally has a perfect affinity with the skin and a high tolerance factor. This means it is capable of strengthening the skin's function when it has been weakened and helps it mature and develop without disruption. Avocado perseose, a unifying active ingredient used in new Mustela Bébé formulations, is a biomimetic active ingredient. It has the same effect on the skin as in its original environment, where it helps fruit grow and ripen. To learn more, visit the Mustela and natural products page or download the definition of natural products applied to Laboratoires Expanscience’s dermo-cosmetic products.

Since the beginning, we have been giving priority to ingredients of natural origin and we are bringing to the heart of the plant most of the active ingredients and ingredients that make our Mustela products.However, some ingredients essential to the good conservation, the stability or the sensory qualities of our cares do not have their equivalent in the nature. Some natural ingredients may not be compatible with our high demands for efficacy, safety, or pleasure of use. In these cases, we use synthetic ingredients evaluated by health authorities, approved by the regulatory authorities and which have proven their effectiveness and safety for the most sensitive skin. The remaining% is therefore ingredients that have no natural equivalent to guarantee the quality, safety and efficiency that we claim on our products. To find out more, we invite you to consult the dedicated section.

We only use carefully-selected substances in our products to guarantee the safest ingredients for you and your baby, while protecting the environment.All of our product are manufactured with no alcohol, essential oils, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, GMO plant extracts, aluminum chlorohydrate, ingredients of animal origin (except beehives, purified lanolin and milk products), terpenes (camphor, menthol and eucalyptus) and triclosan. To learn more, visit the Mustela and natural products page or download the definition of natural products applied to Laboratoires Expanscience’s dermo-cosmetic products.